Area of Interest
Glaciers Over Time
The extent of glaciers in 1984, 2000, and 2021. Glacier outlines are automatically generated from satellite imagery and are provided by Alex Bevington and Brian Menounos (2022).
Species at Risk
Species and Ecosystems at Risk as identified by the Province of British Columbia. This includes publicly available occurrences only and a level of uncertainty to protect the subject.
Current & Modeled Bioclimates
Current bioclimates and modeled bioclimates for three future climate scenarios in 2080s. 'High Uncertainty' is indicated when Mahalanobis Distance is >1. Produced by Greg Utzig, P.Ag. of Kootenay Resilience.
Clean Energy and Green Building Major Projects
Private and public sector clean energy and green building construction projects valued at $15M or more for the 3rd quarter of each year. Subsetted from the BC Major Projects Inventory
Weather Related Highway Closures
Road closure incidents from the DriveBC database from 2015-2017 with an identified cause linked to weather.
Historic Drought
Averaged periodic drought condition ranking by basin for 2015-2020 from the BC Drought Information Portal
Historic Areas Burned
Change in Max 1-Day Rainfall
2050s vs. Historic

This shows the change in Max 1-Day Rainfall for the 2050s vs the historic baseline.
Change in Cooling Degree Days
2050s vs. Historic

Cooling Degree Days (CDD) is the sum of daily average temperature in excess of 18° C over a season or year. For example, a day with an average temperature of 20° C would contribute 2 CDD to the annual or seasonal total. Generally speaking, a day with average temperature of 18° C or higher would experience daytime high temperatures that would require some cooling for buildings.
Air Monitoring Stations
Air quality monitoring stations within the study area. Click the download link to get the current station data. Based on station data from DataBC
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